Sunday 10 February 2013


416, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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Firstly, this is NOT an Asian restaurant but it does serve a range of international dishes and some of the best dishes happen to be Asian. So it's worth an honorary mention. Also, at 88% on Urbanspoon, I think it's a pretty safe bet if you are looking for a pub meal with Asian influence. Have to thank Pia for introducing this fabulous place to me.

The Place
This is a big space with couches, moveable tables and booths. It's a pub with heaps of dining and chill out spaces. It is also rather dark and you can also play pool here. The bar is clearly well stocked. It is a friendly, chilled out atmosphere than can get noisy once the night crowd files in. Suitable for children during the day.

Being on Brunswick Street, parking is a REAL pain.
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Other things to do nearby: It's on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy - there are heaps to do depending on time of the day/week. Rose Street Artists Market is nearby and opened on Saturdays.

The Food
So, why am I reviewing a non-Asian restaurant? Because, the Asian food here is ACE!
Twice-cooked Pork Belly - those of you who have been following my blog know that I have a soft spot for well cooked pork belly. This is pretty good and it's a basic simple dish, a few sprigs of plain steamed bokchoy on the side, a good serve of steamed rice and the well cooked pork belly. Simple and yummy.
Masterstock Chicken - sticky sweet goodness and moist chicken
Crisp Masterstock Chicken - I day dream about this dish sometimes. It's not easy to cook this well as it could dry out easily. However, they do it well here and its a generous serve. Need to stop writing about this - I am starting to salivate.
Thai Seafood Noodle - This was the last thing I had here and it's good - my only complaint was that I would have loved MORE soup. But it's not meant to be a noodle soup. Still good with fresh seafood.
Salt-pepper Calamri - This could be the new Aussie National Dish since most people like this, and Palookaville does it well (if a bit pricey for the amount served).

This place also serves Palm Sugar Beef Ribs which looked huge, Cambodian vege curry, and Lemongrass Prawn Wontons. And if you are not fancying the Asian fare, there's your range of European dishes too, but I never look past the Asian offerings.

The Service
Friendly Pub Staff with personalities and quite happy to interact with punters. The food comes pretty quickly too and you go up to the pub counter to get your own drinks.

It's a great place to chill. I would go there more if parking wasn't such an issue.

Cultural Moment
I don't drink - drinking is not a huge part of my family culture. Besides, I am slightly allergic to alcohol, so I have another added reason not to drink. Therefore, in my blogs - other than a cursary nod to whether there's a range of alcoholic offerings, licensed or BYO, I don't usually say much about it.

Having these dishes in a pub is a bit of a novelty and I think represents the Australia of the future where different cuisines are coming together with different aspects of Australian (pub) culture. It's great to see.

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