Sunday 3 February 2013

Middle Fish (Contemporary Thai)

122-128 Berkeley St Carlton, VIC 3053

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Scoring 85% likes on Urbanspoon, this place that opened in 2012 is a great find.

The Place
This is a great open space which I believe is a warehouse conversion. There're different configurations of seats, from a shared big table, to sitting at the drums, to a couple of couches, to regular tables. It's suitable for all sorts of groups, or just by yourself. It's also a great space if you have kids and toddlers.

They occasionally do a 'pop-up' market Sunday too.
Other things to do close by: Queen Vic Market is about 7 minutes walk away, and Uni of Melb is closeby

The Food
This place serves up contemporary Thai with lashings of authenticity. So, if they tell you it's spicy hot - it is spicy hot Thai style (not watered down for the Aussie taste). If there's the slightest criticism, it's the range of dessert which they bring in - sometimes, there's muffins and slices, sometimes there's not a lot. But I don't go to Middle Fish for dessert - my highlights here include:
Tom Yum Soup (served with prawns normally, but I usually request that they use chicken for me instead and they have been happy to oblige), which is fantastically sour and spicy at the same time, just the way I like it, served with rice (check our how they serve the rice).
Chicken Omelette, which I love love love because it's so simple and so nice, especially with the Sriracha Sauce.

Yummy Chicken Omelette with Sriracha Sauce
Northeast Beef Salad, a favourite of my friend Niro's. She orders it 90% of the times we have been there.
Crispy Mussel Omelette, it's the omelette that's crispy and if you like mussels, you have to try this. It takes a while to prepare and they only serve this for breakfast.
Thai Ice Lemon Tea, which is not too sweet and really refreshing.

The Service
One of the best service crew in town. They never fail to make an effort and you almost feel like you are visiting friends. At lunch time, during the week day, they can be really under the pump, but still maintain better than average friendliness and attention to all and sundry.

Crying Tiger - Tangy and a Bit Spicy
I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for great Thai contemporary food. My only complaint is that they are not opened for dinner - it's not that kind of place -  the food is so good! A great place for a day meal (from breakfast to arvo tea for under $15).

A Cultural Moment
Sriracha Sauce which was originally from the Chonbury province in Thailand is one of my favourite all time chilli sauce. It is mild (to me - and would not even be considered to be a chilli sauce to most in my family) and has a tangy after taste. You can buy bottles of it from Middle Fish!

Crispy Mussel Omelette with Sriracha Sauce
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